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About this website

Many hesitate to visit a hospital to consult a doctor for fear of contracting a Coronavirus infection. This website helps a person or a patient to know how trivial or severe are the symptoms they are suffering from and to decide on seeking a doctor’s advice. This website has included general symptoms like fever, body ache, joint pains, and those pertaining to heart, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological, and many other diseases.

Unfortunately, potentially serious diseases may not present with serious symptoms, and severe symptoms need not always be life-threatening. No doubt it is for a trained professional to decide on the diagnosis. But the intervening time before you seek advice , can be nerve-racking. Hence this website has been designed to help individuals get an idea of how serious is their health problems.

What is the need for this website ?

People come hurriedly to meet a doctor even for a trivial symptom assuming it could be a serious illness like cancer or heart attack. The extreme is also true that people unfortunately report to a doctor, very late with advanced cancer.Hence, public need guidance to help them, when to meet and consult a doctor at the appropriate time to avoid disappointments and failure of treatment. Our website ConsultDocNow website is dedicated for this purpose, and this will be of immense use in day-to-day life for the public.

How is this a helpful website ?

Qualified and experienced medical professionals from MedIndia Hospitals, Chennai, its Chairman, headed by Prof .Dr. T.S.Chandrasekar,have assigned numerical scores for each of the symptoms catalogued on the website. The score, in turn, indicates when it is time to consult a doctor. This website is easily accessible and relatively comprehensible to help common folks distinguish their trivial symptoms from life-threatening ones to guide them to seek professional help.


How to use this website ?

The user input symptoms in the search box and choose his / her matched symptom(s) from the symptom list appears on the website

Depending upon the symptoms selected, a corresponding score & a summary note will appear on the screen.

In case, if the symptoms severity score & summary note does not get displayed, they can contact our helpline 12789 ( Toll free ) or +91 44283 12345.

The score guides on the severity of the disease as follows:

  • Score 1 to 5 – Wait & Watch; No need to rush to a doctor; can opt for teleconsultation if symptoms persist.
  • Score 6 to 9 – opt for an elective consultation with a doctor
  • Score 10 and above 10- Consult Doctor Right Away (At Once, Emergency, Immediately).

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Conceptualized & Implemented by Dr T S Chandrasekar
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